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SoonToBeWed 01-24-2009 07:09 PM

New Rule Concerning Banning People: Please Read
Hi everyone,

In light of recent events on this forum, we (the moderators) have decided to finally start banning people.

We wanted to announce it here first, because in all the years we've existed, we've never had to ban anyone but spammers.

Anyone who, from now on, publicly bashes another member, will be banned. No questions asked. Zero-tolerance.

Bashing includes calling someone inappropriate names, degrading someone for no reason, etc..

If someone is bothering you in private messages, report the situation to the moderator. If you really dislike someone, use the "ignore" button. Just don't give in to the situation.

If you have a conflict with someone, sort it out in a civilised manner via private chat.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering if this rule will be applied to the recent clash between two forum members.

The answer is no. Why not? Because this rule was not yet announced. We don't want anyone to have any excuses, and we want everyone to know the consequences beforehand. Now that everyone knows, this rule will be applied without exception.

There will be a leveling system:

1st strike: 1 week ban

2nd strike: 1 month ban

3rd strike: you're out, lifetime ban

I hope this place can become what it once was again. I hate to enforce rules, but it seems it is necessary at this moment in time.

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