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I understand - all points well taken. By bonding, I really meant the 3 of us together and just to adjust being parents - partly because my husband will have odd shift work after his leave. My dad is actually going to be here right away; which is nice because he's very low-key (my mom is not and one of the reasons for this Everyone else is going to follow, probably my brothers, then my in-laws and my mom has decided to be a late visit actually; which was surprising that 1) she decided that on her own and 2) a little disappointing that she's going to be SO late (like 3 months almost). All-in-all it's working out nicely that they are staggering their visits because the main concern was everyone visiting all at once when we just moved here and became parents all in one months it's good. We're happy with how it's working out especially since she may be a late one anyway. She's due on Sat, so we'll see...

Thanks for all the input's good to get different views on what you think you want, but may not always be a good idea.
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