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GOOOOOOOD EVENING ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so sorry I have been beyond MIA lately - man I never realized how crazy life would be once I returned to work.....and I thought the new position would be a little less stressful.....BIG FAT HA THERE!!!!!!! I am master of all, ruler of none lately. I miss you all so much and am so hoping that things calm down soon so that I can at least get on one in a while to say hey I think about you all daily and please know that I value you all as friends and that whether I am here or not you are all in my thoughts.

My days are pretty wild lately - I'll give a brief run down - in case anyone is interested:

5:15 am - alarm goes off
5:30 am - roll out of bed and get a shower, get dressed etc
6:00 am - wake Sam and feed her and have some Mommy/Sam time
6:30 am - wake Paul and Mack - get them motivated
7:30 am - out the door to drop Paul to work, Mack to school, Sam to daycare
8:00 am - begin my work day at the hotel
1:30 pm - leave the hotel to pick up Mack and Sam
go home, make supper, do the dishes, try to clean some (HAHAHAHAHHA) AND spend time with kids
6:00 pm - Paul arrives home, give a big High 5 and head back to work
10:00 pm home from the hotel, glass of wine and off to bed
Repeat process

Also, our front desk is short staffed lately so guess who they need to help out?!?!??! you guessed it so throw in a back shift (11pm - 7am) once a week as well

then, our catering mananger is on vacation in Cuba this week so during the day I am answering her phone & emails

oh yeah and did I mention I am also head of the planning committee for the big $10,000 Grand Opening next week - all the dignataries are coming and our owners from Italy the whole gang......
Anyway my hottie, hot, hotties - I love and miss you all and hope that you are all doing well - I hope to be back soon

******MUGH, MUGH, MUGH*******
and Joy bows gracefully and once again exits stage right and vanishes into the night