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Got any wedding day horror stories? ?

I got married Ocotber 4th last year and our actual wedding day was perfect. But we had a heck of a time getting to that day and its a miracle it went off with a hitch! LOL! my parents divorce was finalized a week before my wedding, my brother refused to come to my rehersal dinner and theeeeeen after our bachlor/bachlorette, which was the saturday before our wedding, we were on our way home ( Me driving and sober..i dont drink, my now husband, bridesmaid and best man all in the car ) we were hit head on by a drunk driver! We all went to the ER and everyone was ok BUT my husband. His foot was broken in 3 places and he was put in a boot immediantly. My car was totalled, honeymoon canceled and he was off his feet for the coming 6-8 weeks. But all in all the wedding day went great. Hubby had a cane and his boot. We wabbled down the isle and our first dance was more of a first rocking back and forth. What a story huh?! How about you guys, any hitches in the wedding plans?
Update : To Emilie Trista... I had that problem too! Ha! But it worked out. My husbands brother tried to back out tho he wasnt the best man, so I called there mother and told on him, LOL! She fixed that for me, he stayed in the wedding. Man your day rivals mine.
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