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Old 07-08-2008, 08:26 PM
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My Holiday Weekend Trip

Thursday July 3rd
We hit the road around noonish. Of course by the time we hit the road I was ready to kill DH. He was annoying me all morning. Sometimes he moves slower than a snail.

We made it to the kennel between 4-4:30p. Dropped the dog off and heading into Atlantic City since our friend Bob had to work on Thursday. We hit a few of the Casinos (Resorts, Bally's & Showboat). We had a pretty good day. DH hit some good wins. I hit a progressive jackpot ($200). Then we went to the Diamond Lounge to eat. We hung out there for a while and then went back to the casino. Finally we got a call from Bob to let us know he was heading from his place in PA to his family's shore house in NJ. So we left A/C around 11pmish. We got to Bob's shore house a little after midnight.

We were up for a few more hours chatting and joking around. I think we finally made it to bed sometime around 4am.

Friday July 4th
We slept in. Once we got up we lounged around and hung around outside. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and breezy. The guys were being goofy hitting a wiffle ball around with hockey sticks. Then they decided to use a tennis ball (this was after I got hit with the wiffle ball, IT HURT LOL).

Then a few of Bobs family members came over (sister, aunts, & uncles) and we had a cook out. DH & I had made a beef dish the night before we left (marinated it in a special marinade). So we made that as well. We had plenty of food that's for sure.

It did warm up a bit while we were making the food. However it did cool down just in time for us to eat. We decided to enjoy the weather and eat out on the dock. Everyone enjoyed dinner.

Then we cleaned up and headed inside since we had a few hours til the fireworks. Well we moved inside just in time. Shortly after moving inside the rain started and the wicked thunderstorms. Some of the people were playing some game, others were chatting. I was watching the fireworks outside when they started. Unfortuntly I had to watch from inside due to the rain. Then around 11pmish the house emptied out. We made it to bed late again. LOL

Saturday July 5th
We got up and hung around Bobs place until around 3-4pm. Then we headed into Atlantic City. We checked into our room at Showboat. Once we dropped all our stuff off we went and gambled until our friend Mike called us. We went and met up with Mike, his wife and BIL. Then we headed over to the Diamond Lounge. We figuered it was a good idea to eat there since it was right down the hall from the House Of Blues concert hall. We left Mike and his wife & BIL at 8:30pm. We got in with no delay.

We were a little disappointed because we sat there until 9pm. Finally at 9pm Betina (American Idol Underground winner) came on. She did a couple of songs. Then we sat there again from 9:30pmish until 10pm. Then finally Gretchen Wilson came on. DH picked on me. He said from the time she hit the stage I didn't sit. Heck what can I say it was a great concert. The concert ended sometime around midnight.

Once we left the concert we went and caught up with our friends and gambled for a few hours. DH & I finally made it to bed at 5am.

Sunday July 6th
DH woke up a few hours before I did. He got up and showered etc and left the room and let me sleep. I woke up with no voice. LOL. We decided to go and eat at the Diamond lounge with some friends once I got up. After the Diamond Lounge we heade back to Michaels suite. We had our little poker tournament at Michaels. It started around 4pm and finished up around 8pm. (we had 13 people playing).

During the tournament I tried two different drinks I never had before.
First one:
Pomergrant Juice
(mix together in a glass)

Second One:
Chamborge (about a shot at the bottom of a champagne glass)
Champagne (fill the rest of the glass)

I lost count of how many of the 2nd one I had. However by the time we were done I couldn't see straight. I had to hold onto people if I needed to bend over. I never drink that much and never drink that much champagne. LOL.

After the tournament we decided to go gamble some more. We managed to find a craps table that was almost completly empty so they decided to take over the table. Once they got done at the craps table we went and hit some of the machines. Finally around 1am we decided to go eat. It was a good thing. Once I ate I finally sobered up a bit.

Once we finished eating we said good night to a few individuals and then we decided to go gamble for a little longer. We finally made it to bed around 4am.

Monday July 7th
We woke up around 10/11am. We got all our stuff together and checked out by noon. Then we went and hung out in Michaels suite for a little bit. Once we dropped our stuff off in the car we decided to go gamble for a few hours at Showboat. Then around 3pm we decided to go eat at the diamond lounge one last time before we hit the road. Then after we ate we headed to the kennel to pick up the dog. We got there around 4:50pm. After picking up the dog we headed home. The drive home was not half bad. I drove most of the way, then when we stopped for dinner around 8pmish DH volunteered to drive the rest of the way. I was happy. I got to sleep the rest of the way home.

Upon our arrival home I had to check my email and WA LOL. I actually had to get online to due my VEC (Unemployment claim, weekly). However I discovered that the system was down. Bummer. I finally made it to bed around 2am this morning.
Old 07-08-2008, 08:31 PM
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Wow Cathlyn, sounds like a great weekend, that's for sure.

I TOTALLY am with you about the DH moving slowly..Jeff is perpetually taking forever to get out the door and it drives me up the wall!!!

I must say, I am tired just reading about your weekend...you definitely have the energy I wish I had!

Waiting to TTC #2 - a brother or sister for Kaden!
Old 07-08-2008, 08:39 PM
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The main reason DH ticked me off is he waits until we are just about to leave to decide to look for some other items he wants to take (hockey sticks, gloves & ball). I yelled at him finally because I was already in pain from AF and he was being a jerk about waiting until the last minute to find things. I told him if he wanted to take these things he should have looked for them earlier.

Oh yeah and he decided at 10am to mow the lawn. However he was up at 8am. WHY!!!!!! I could have strangled him by the time we hit the road.

Oh on the way home we found that gas prices in NJ were under $4 a gallon. We fueled up at a WaWa for $3.89 a gallon.
Old 07-08-2008, 08:55 PM
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I would LOVE to find gas under $4/gallon - it's $4.30 here
Old 07-08-2008, 08:56 PM
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Sounds like you had a great time!

Those drinks sound yummy!
Old 07-08-2008, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by kirstenh
I would LOVE to find gas under $4/gallon - it's $4.30 here

Yeah we were happy to see that since gas here at home is over $4 a gallon.
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