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Old 03-07-2006, 02:32 AM
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Official WA Wedding Database 2005-2007

Here is our wedding database! If you'd like to add your wedding to the list, please post a message here with all or some of the following info:
  • Your username
  • Your & your future spouse's first name
  • Your wedding date
  • The link to your wedsite or any journals you have that you'd like to share
  • Theme and/or colors
The way it works:
Couples names are linked to wedsite
Username is linked to user profile
Themes/Descriptions are in Italics
The links to Journal/Wedding Day Story follows

If you notice a change that needs made to your listing, please post here with the change and reference your wedding date so I can easily find it.

I had to move the 2008 and beyond to it's own thread. This one was getting too big! Click here to view that thread.

Note: I decided to start a new wedding database is because the old was was started by a former moderator. Since the database needs constant management, I thought it would be best if I just re-started the list instead of going into her posts and editing them.

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2005 Weddings

15th Ricky & Thomas (Rickythomas) Fall
25th Melissa & Rob (Melissa ) Vegas Planning Journal
28th Lainey926 Fall

12th Trisha & Ric (Jacoby2Seelen) Fairy Tale

11th Susan & Tony (Suzzyna )
26th lchacko
31st Jodie & David (Jochelle78 ) New Years Eve Planning Journal .Wedding Day Story

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Old 03-07-2006, 02:33 AM
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2006 Weddings - January to June

7th Steph & Mike (Steftem) Winter Colors: Black, Ivory and Dark Red Planning Journal
7th Sandra & Wade (SpicedSugar) Blessing of Vows Colors: Red, Raisin, Chocolate & Gold Wedding Day Story
7th Ginger & Michael (gingerhilpipre) Colors: Ivory and Fushchia

18th Faith & Steve (mrselliott) Roses & Romance Colors: Red and White

4th Lindsay & Tim (landtwedding06) Colors: Navy, Light Blue and White Planning Journal
17th Kelly & Dan (Kelusa) Reception: May 28, 2006 Color: Dark Green
18th Amy & Adam (firegirl6081) Wildflowers Color: Sage Green Planning Journal
25th Tessa & Glen (March25) Smooth Jazz Colors: Periwinkle and Silver

1st Kerri & Mike (Durham) Calla Lilly Colors: Blue and Silver with Purple Accents
8th Adella & Jawad (JawadNSami)
22nd Starr & Brian (starrstamm)
29th Amber & Brandon (brandonsbride) Colors: Pink and Apple Green Planning Journal
29th Caroline & Steven (carrie429) Crystal/Sparkle/Stars Colors: Blue and White Planning Journal

6th Michelle & Mark (May6bride) Colors: Lavender and Silver
6th Stacey & Vinnie (jersey82)
21st Jessica & Nick (nickplusjessequalslove) Garden Colors: Fuschia and Turquoise
27th Lorrie & John (Lorrie) Colors: Black and White
27th Amy & Justin (Amybeth) Colors: Pale Yellow and Periwinkle
27th Maria & Josh (joshmaria) Spring Color: Bahama Breeze Blue
28th Wendy & Arden (ladyhawke) Colors: Purple and Green

3rd Sarah & Michael (Sarahbella636) Color: Lilac Planning Journal
3rd Jacqui & Billy (Faerievert) Louisville Zoo, Roses Colors: Black, Silver and Red Planning Journal
6th Kelly & Freddy (pureevil) Dark & Different! Colors: Black and Navy/Dark Blue
9th Angel & Todd (EbonynIvory) Butterflies on the Green Color: Lavendar and Baby Blue Planning Journal
10th Colleen & Jeff (Colleen) Tropical/Island, Pink Star Gaziers, Calla Lilies Colors: Turquoise and Ocean Blue
10th Rachael & Chris (rachaelr) Colors: Sky Blue, White and Silver
10th Jess & Brendan (Jezzame) Colors: Gold and Silver
10th Jericia & Lindale (jricia) Roses, Wysteria and Lillies Colors: Pink, Ivory and Sage
14th Linda & Tom Erik (tomerikandlinda) Roses Colors: White and Red Planning Journal
16th Colleen & Ken (colkenwedding) Daisies Colors: Green and Yellow Journal
17th Jenny & Justin (Swedie) Double Heart Colors: Pink and Silver Planning Journal
17th Elizabeth & Ray (lilpipergirl) Scottish Colors: Burgandy and Deep Yellow Planning Journal
17th Gerrie & Greg (greggerrie) Clover Claddagh Theme, 17th Year Vow Renewal and Covenant Conversion Colors: Burgundy and Hunter Green Planning Journal

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2006 Weddings July - December

3rd Roxi & Dan (Roxani) Outside, Roses Color: Red
8th Jess & Ash (Jessie3315) Plaid Kilts Color: Navy
8th Tammy & Steve (tkocher) Colors: Coral and Raspberry
8th Anne & John (psu24sweetie) Two Hearts, One Love Colors: Red and White
13th Jennifer & Bruce (2bmrspage) Beach
15th Jen & Jason (jtaylorvt) Colors: Sage, Ivory and Lavendar
15th Nicole & Ryan (McGeetobe) Monogram Colors: Pink, Peach, Yellow, White & Shrimp
15th Amanda & Taimour (blam0202) Colors: Royal Blue and Silver
21st Hazel and Ilya (hfrancis1) Budget Wedding Colors: White and Sage
22nd Dusty & Eric (Dustyloveseric) Green Apples, White Gerbera Dasies Colors: Blues and Greens
22nd Denise & Quincy (sexxyd) Butterflies and Calla Lilies Colors: Wine, Ivory and Black
23rd Catarina and Ryan (catarina01) Colors: Light Yellow and Pink
28th Amanda & BJ (bjandamanda) Colors: Pink and Green
29th Laura & Steve (StevenLaura) Colors: Light Pink, Silver and White

5th Carissa & Josh (joshandcarissa) Colors: Periwinkle, White and Silver
5th Joanne & Gord (Gords1babygirl) Hydrangeas Colors: Mauves, Blues and Ivory
6th Ashley & Andre (ashleyandandre)
10th Sheena & Michael (jlume2000) Colors: Blue and White Planning Journal
11th Michelle & Ryan (Btrfly9IRL) Stargazer Lilies Colors: Red, Pink, White and Black Blog
26th Carrie & Ryan (Chi06Wed) Calla Lilies Color: Pink and Brown
26th Tameika & Gregory (meek0313) A Fairytale Wedding Colors: Navy, Baby Blue and Ivory
31st Kristy & Andy (kikiluvsandy)

2nd Bianca & Jamie (Bianca) Color: Reds and Gold Planning Journal
2nd Cindy & Mark (CindyandMark) Colors: Blue and Silver
2nd Elaine & Hoyt (Elainejackson) Colors: Red, White and Black
2nd Wendi and Nick (Wendi723) Colors: White and Lavendar
6th Catherine & Liam (martin54) Celtic
9th Lisa Ann & Rick (TwelveGrains) Colors: Lavender, Cream and White Planning Journal
9th Michele & Adam (michele9) Colors: Burnt Orange
10th : Monica & Antwaine (a339846) Colors: Peridot Green and White
16th Maria & Branden (Flowerdrumsong) East Meets West Colors: Periwinkle Blue and Silver
23rd Sarah & Joshua (Sarahstarjd) Colors: Pink and Black
23rd Cathlyn & Harvey (soontobewed) Fall Colors: Lilac and Blue Planning Journal
23rd Ashley & Jesse (AshleyBx83) Colors: Pink, Gold and Black Planning Journal
24th Nicole & Rob (nmiller6484) Teddy Bears Colors: Light Blue and Peach
24th Shannon & Paul (Wife2Be92406) Colors: Blue Velvet, Silver and White
30th Katie & Alex (KatieandAlex) Harvest Colors: Orange and Pink Planning Journal
30th Sarah & Phil (slspratt) Colors: Pink and Green
30th Wendy & Kip (Wendy9879) Colors: Red, Sage and Goldenrod Planning Journal
30th Amanda & Matthew (Mandie) Fall Colors: Cranberry, Burnt Orange and Gold

6th Jennifer & Wesley (wesnjen) Destination (Cancun, Mexico), Beach
7th Melissa & Allan (eislem) Fall
7th Cristina & Dino (Cristina) Fall Planning Journal
14th Stephanie & Daniel (serawhim) Pumpkins/Pumpkin Coaches Colors: Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Gold and Brown Planning Journal
14th Jennifer & James (gunrock) Colors: Hunter Green, Silver and White
14th Alison & Chris (aperkins72) Beach/Tropical Colors: Chocolate, Raspberry and Kiwi
14th Lindsey & Jeremy (Schladr30) Fall Colors: Champagne and Chocolate
14th Wenqui and Yuning (kee2006ning) Colors: Pink
15th Crystal and Daniel (crystaltrumper) Colors: Ivory, Green and Pink
20th Amanda & Kanwa (amandandkanwa) Island Wedding Colors: Fuschia, Mango and Tropical Green
20th Sharon & Peter (sharonpete) Colors: Aqua and Fuchia
21st Caitlin & David (Cait63084) Fall Colors: Red, White and Orange
24th Karen & Andy (KarenSwain) Destination Wedding, Castle in Italy
28th Erin & Mike (eemiles03) Fall Colors: Brown, Orange and Red
28th Jennifer & Andy (AndysgrlXIII) Sun, Moon and Stars Colors: Blue, Black and White Planning Journal

4th Amber & Joshua (japlunkard) Colors: Claret Red and White
11th Nicole & Perry (pandnparks) Calla Lilies Colors: Chocolate and Periwinkle Planning Journal
11th D.J. & Billy (Thecoze) Scottish & Renaissance Colors: Red, Black and Green
19th Louise & Rob (Novbride) Colors: Pink, White and Green
24th Sarah & Brian (brisar112406) Cocktail Reception Colors: Burgandy and Ivory Planning Journal
25th Candice & Alan (candyb) Planning Journal

16th Angie & Tony (aferris) Winter
16th Theresa and Mike (MrsWarren2B) Colors: pink and yellow
23rd Alicia & Kris (tapplekiss) Snowflakes and Candles (Frosty Warmth) Colors:Silver, Ice blue and White
23rd Izy and Ismael (miapigo) Romantic, Oriental, Calla Lilies Colors: Reds and Silver
28th Richelle & Florian (richflo) Colors: Mild Shade of Red and White
29th Amanda & Brendan (Pudgie8604) Winter Wonderland Colors: Purples and Silvers MySpace
30th Elizabeth & Darrow (ElizabethandDarrow) Winter Color: Red

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2007 Weddings

5th Lauren & James (TheMasons) Warm Winter Colors: Burgundy, Champagne and Gold
5th Jem & Rob (babykatjevooraltijd) Colors: Purple, Black and Silver
6th Mandy & Allan (amandaeustaquio) Italian Colors: Espresso, Sage Green and Antique Gold
27th Emma and Daniel (emmachch) Simple Elegance Colors: Gold, White, Black and Green

1st Jaypee and Glenise (jpnglenise) Colors: Orange and Pink

10th Katie & Bruce (kluec616) Colors: Peridot (Green), Pinks and Cream.
24th Leanne & Warren (leelee75) Bright Colored Gerberas Colors: Navy Blue and White
24th Kimberly & William (Futts5) A Starlit Elegance Colors: Black with Champagne/Tans

7th Jodie & Rhys (Jorhyso) Colors: Pale Green, Silver and white
7th Sharon & Shawn (shawnswoman) Wedding in Las Vegas Colors: Shades of Blue
14th Linda & Damien (linnyleer) Oriental/Zen Colors: Bamboo, Greens and Pale Pink
14th Karen & Jeff (karentinks) Planning Journal
14th Valerie & Andy (always143681) Roses Color: Pink
14th Lisa and Terry (lisakennedy) Colors: Frangipanis, Pale green and Black
28th Nicole & Michael (soon2bemrsbraggs) Embracing Destiny Colors: Lilac, Cotton Candy Pink, Celadon and Champagne
28th Bethany & Robert (mnrrn) Colors: Wine, White and Black

5th Jessica & Jason (kitten0104) Spring Garden Colors: Lilac, Sky Blue, Green, Silver and Ivory
12th Cory and Pennie (TheClarkes) Two Families Joining as ONE Colors: Orange, Periwinkle, Pink and Green
12th Lisa and Jeff (ldeitz) Romantic Colors: Rich Red
19th Danielle & Nick (dms1981)
20th Danielle and Jason (DMandracchia04) Colors: Pool, Silver and White
26th Terrica & Jody (WeddingDayBarbie) Colors: Ivory and Gold, with Deep Red Accents Planning Journal
26th Megan & Ryan (LuckyMegan52607) Colors: Pink, Green and Black
27th Erica & Rob (MelickNewton) Garden Colors: Lavendar or Lilac Planning Journal
27th Linda & Ryan (DaisyGirl07) Colors: Pink and Black Planning Journal

9th Irene & Jack (thephileo) Colors: Lavender and Baby Blue
9th Gloria (angelgee) Sunflowers Colors: Navy Blue, Aquamarine, Emerald Green and Yellow
16th Ashley and Guillermo (MakuraWife) Western Colors: Lilac and Green
23rd Aramelle & James (Aramelle) A Picture Perfect Night by Candlelight, focusing around photos of us and lots of candles Colors: Periwinkle-ish Blue with Eggplant, Ivory, and Silver Accents Planning Journal
23rd Crystal and Glen (Kendra1449) Cinderella Colors: Pastels
30th Jovanda and Ian (resilientdove) New Orleans Colors: Royal Blue, Sapphire, Cream

6th Jason and Michelle (bingerandrogers) Colors: Lavender, Silver and Black
7th Rebecca & Brian (Soulmates) Beach Colors: Baby Blue with White and Red Accents Planning Journal
7th Jen & Tim (jenzcrazy8) spring/outdoor Colors: Pink and Green with Silver Accents Planning Journal
7th Daniella & Shane (DaniellaAnn) Colors: Blue, White and Silver
7th Sarah and Chad (sfagal2005) Western Colors: Baby Pink and Baby Blue
7th Jenn & Mark (ltldevl)
14th Nicole & Jonathan (FutureMrsLueke) Garden Colors: Purple and Green
28th Sabrina & Matt (Sabby12s) Garden Colors: Red, White and Silver Planning Journal
28th Patty & Paul (Paulsgirlie) Colors: Hot Pink and Green

4th Ewa & Chad (sweetpolishgirl)
4th Carliana and Nicholas (CarlianaS)
18th Lisa & Cam (secretsuperhero) Colors: Blue and Peach
19th Sharon & Peter (sharpete) Colors: Blue
25th Megan & Derek (Mego41)Citrus green with bright pink and orange flowers

8th Amber & Derek(sweetiez) Planning Journal Colors: Pool Blue, Light Pink and Yellow
22nd Shanna & Jacob (fellnlove92203) Colors: Pink and Teal

6th Amanda & Nicholas (anschuier) Fall in Love Colors: Burnt Orange and Maple Red Planning Journal
6th Claudia & Will (VAMPZZZGIRL) Forest Fairy Fantasy Colors: Green, Burgundy and Yellow Journal
6th Jamie & Mitch (JamieJ) Colors: Chocolate Brown and Latte

24th Nicole & Chad (PrInCeSs22) Butterflies and Hearts Color: Purple
24th Iside & Joshua (Isidejosh) White and Red Roses and Evergreens Colors: Ruby Red, Hunter Green and Platinum
30th Renee & Alex (MrsCelentano07) Fairytale Colors: Light Blue and Silver Planning Journal

1st Jennifer & Michael (jennifermlong2) Calla Lilies Colors: Burgundy, Ivory and Silver Planning Journal
15th Erica & Mark (lovecat4984) Red Roses Colors: Black and White
29th Megan & Michael (TwoMuffins1229) Winter Roses Colors: Rose Red and Ivory

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I have updated the list up to this point!!!!!!
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now that you've updated...may i join in?!

megan & lucien
october 6,2006
our website
Marriage is about two people,
one who never remembers birthdays,
and the other who never forgets.

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Hi Bianca!

Your username : edmina
Your & your future spouse's first name : Edison and Armina
Your wedding date : January 21, 2007
The link to your wedsite or any journals you have that you'd like to share : http://edison-armina.weddingannouncer.com/
Theme and/or colors : Pink, Lilac, and Silver

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Your username : acinom78
You & your future spouse's first name : Monica & Edwin
Your wedding date : 21 July 2007
The link to your wedsite or any journals you have that you'd like to share : http://edwinandmonica.weddingannouncer.com/
Theme and/or colors : white, ivory, gold & blush pink
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Nathalie and Nathan
September 1, 2007
Black, white and red
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